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"The second round of talks are a reflection of the US and Kuwait’s commitment to regional security and cooperation on shared security matters that affect the Gulf region, including the situations in Iraq and Lebanon, terrorism, proliferation, and infrastructure security," the statement said.

"The key objectives of the GSD are to convey US commitment to a long-term presence in the Gulf for the peace and security of our GCC allies, as well to encourage regional partners to take the steps necessary to enhance their capabilities to deter or defend against shared threats," it added.

The GSD addresses conventional as well as non-conventional, asymmetric, and terrorist threats to Gulf security, it said. To counter these threats, US-Kuwait discussions focus on six key pillars: enhanced defensive capabilities and cooperation; regional security; critical infrastructure protection; counter-terrorism and internal security; counter-proliferation; and developing a shared assessment on Iraq, the statement explained.

During Tuesday’s meetings, Ambassador Mull and Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad affirmed their country’s commitment to the long-standing US-Kuwait strategic relationship and agreed to continue their cooperation in promoting regional peace and security, said the statement.

Both acknowledged a shared goal of a unified, democratic, and stable Iraq that is at peace with its neighbors and itself. They pledged to continue to support the legitimately elected government of Iraq. With regard to Iran’s nuclear activities, both sides reiterated their strong desire for a diplomatic solution and noted that such a solution can be reached by implementing the requirements outlined in UN Security Council Resolutions 1737 and 1747, according to the statement.

The US and Kuwait agreed to continue their robust cooperation on counter-proliferation and on addressing vulnerabilities to Kuwait’s energy infrastructure. Kuwait agreed to consider participating in future Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) exercises and activities.

Ambassador Mull and Sheikh Ahmad expressed their satisfaction with the second round of the GSD, and both look forward to continuing this important dialogue between the two countries. The next meeting of the GSD will take place in Washington, DC in the fall of this year.


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