Kuwaiti Amir calls for unity


The Amir, in his address extended his congratulations to the people of Kuwait, the Arab and Muslim nations on the Holy Month of Ramadan. "The talk about the last ten days of Ramadan is of paramount significance for me for these nights are distinguished with a special spiritual atmosphere sensed by all of us," he said, referring to the Quranic verse that describes Al-Qader Night that falls within this period of time during the fasting month as better than one thousand months.

In the introduction of the speech, His Highness highlighted the tragic and painful fire in Jahra that occurred last month, causing the death of "tens of mothers, daughters and sons," where sentiments of the citizens and the residents were united in solidarity with the families of the victims, depicting the genuine identity of the people and their solidarity, at hard and prosperous times.

We pray to the Almighty during this sacred month that he may bestow his mercy upon souls (of the victims) and settle them in his vast paradise and enable their relatives to be patient and grant the injured quick recovery," he prayed.
Affirming that devotion to the homeland is the common objective of all Kuwaitis, His Highness said, "Kuwait is the entity that unites us all, it is the stable existence and the safe haven for all, it has been protected by the natives for a long time, with blood of the martyrs watering its pure soil".

Till today, Kuwait hosts the faithful who work for its service with devotion and love, thus every citizen is responsible. Citizen’s responsibilities varies, such as the commitment to the religion, boasting of patriotism, adherence to the high morals, renouncing discords and obscene acts and words, respect of the laws that we have enacted for maintaining rights, illustrating duties, organizing citizens’ affairs, in addition to the respect to the traditions and the values of tolerance," His Highness noted.


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