Kuwaiti cabinet reshuffle soon


Ministers apparently to be replaced are namely; the Minister of Finance Mustafa Al-Shamali, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Bader Al-Duwaila, Deputy PM, Cabinet Affairs Faisal Al-Hajji and Minister of Electricity and Water Mohammed Al-Olaim, reported Annahar.

The officials added that following recent developments, HH the PM might be forced to reshuffle or replace the ministers, particularly since the current Cabinet formation was not strong enough to confront parliamentary accusations nor meet the responsibilities entrusted to them.

They said an MP affiliated to a major bloc, who had earlier been offered a ministerial position but refused it, might substitute one of the ministers. The sources added that further consultations were in progress with various political blocs and activists to choose another MP for a particular post in an attempt to contain the expected confrontation and crises from the Parliament.


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