Kuwaiti candidate demands expulsion of Bangladeshi workers


Mutairi, the secretary general of the (Islamic) Ummah Principles Alliance, claimed Bangladeshi workers have been behind a rise in the rate of crimes in recent years especially murders, abductions and immoral crimes. "The actions of the Bangladeshi workers constitute a serious threat on the security of our country and its noble values. Bangladeshis are spreading corruption in the country without anyone deterring them" Mutairi declared.

Enough is enough. What these workers have been doing has exceeded the limit and threatens of dire consequences for the country" said Mutairi, who demanded that the interior ministry should in the beginning stop renewing their residences or transferring them.

Kuwait has lately lifted a ban on recruitment of workers from Bangladesh and transferring their residences in the country. Mutairi claimed that Bangladeshi workers, estimated at around 200,000, have been responsible for serious crimes like prostitution, abduction of housemaids, forgery, thefts, destruction of state properties and forming organized gangs to carry out crimes in various governorates.

Regarding political development, the number of candidates dropped to 264, including 28 women, after two candidates withdrew yesterday. Candidate Abdulrahman Al-Anjari of the National Democratic Alliance yesterday said continued political crises that rocked in the country in the past few years have put the country at a crossroads that requires wisdom and reason in dealing with it.

Over the past few years, Kuwait has witnessed serious political disputes and attempts to hijack of the two authorities (government and assembly)" Anjari said in a statement, adding that this led HH the Amir to dissolve the assembly twice in less than two years. "Political crises which rocked the country have derailed development and led to a retreat in Kuwait’s regional position, transforming the once bride of the Gulf into a country suffering of shortages in basic services for citizens" he said.

Kuwait today is at a crossroads and we should all work together to help the country pass to safety, beholding to a real, responsible and developmental democracy" Anjari, who is running from the second constituency, said. He held previous governments and national assembly’s responsible for the political confrontations and crises.

In another development, the second Shiite list of three candidates n the first constituency was officially announced yesterday. The list comprises former MPs Adnan Abdulsamad and Ahmad Lari, besides Jaber Behbehani. On Sunday, former MP Saleh Ashour and candidates Anwar Bukhamseen and Khalil Al-Saleh announced the first list. A third list comprising former MPs Salah Khorshid and Hussein Al-Qallaf is also expected to be announced.


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