Kuwaiti Education Ministry vows to battle misconduct at schools


If the ministry commits a mistake, it will correct it and will annul any unjust decisions, she noted.


Innovation and creativity, she said, are not restricted and all citizens share mutual goals to serve Kuwait.


As for the issue of pressuring teachers to change a student’s grade, she called for direct meetings between students and teachers to settle all issues, urging all to act in accordance with their conscience.


If the student was failing by one of two points, the exam should be reviewed more than once and the examiner must write "it was accurately corrected and no extra points were possible," said Al-Subeeh.



She urged all teachers to report all violations and problems facing them to ensure follow-up by the relevant committee.



Decisions to establish youth afternoon clubs in Om Al-Haiman as well as tutoring classes for students in Al-Jahra educational district, he added.



She said she will submit to Parliamentary educational committee a law to protect teachers and maintain their dignity.



On her part, the ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Research and Curricula Mariam Al-Wutaid said there is a plan to revise all school curriculums through meetings with the ministry’s educational advisors to identify advantages and negatives.



To fully develop them, curricula of science and mathematics must be fully revised, said Al-Wautaid who expressed the ministry’s desire to adopt electronic learning.



Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Information Ali Al-Barrak said the ministry has plans to recruit the assistance of international educational experts with the assistance of Kuwaiti embassies.


The ministry, he said, currently has 66 projects, 36 of which were approved and will be referred to Finance Ministry to allocate necessary funds.



Such projects include setting up a "sata show" machine in every classroom with a display screen and a computer in for each teacher and student, as well as launching an educational satellite channel to benefit students outside school hours, he explained.



Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development Tamadher Al-Sudairawi said the ministry has many projects, programs and plans for next school year, including meals and developing school libraries.


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