Kuwaiti govt will support interpellated oil minister


The cabinet reviewed the motion that was filed by MPs Musallam Al-Barrak, Adel Al-Saraawi and Abdullah Al-Roumi and listened to comments of the oil minister in this regard, he said in remarks to KUNA following the weekly cabinet meeting.
Al-Hajji quoted the oil minister as saying he would respond to topics raised by the interpellation motion, and reiterated the government’s support for Sheikh Ali.


Asked what measure the government would take now that the interpellation was set for June 25, Al-Hajji said this was a "normal" procedure and was in line with Article 135 of the National Assembly’s internal statute.


The article states that the minister in question must be notified of the interpellation motion as soon as it is filed and that discussion of this motion had to be placed on the agenda of the next parliament session after listening to comments of the minister over the listed topics.


It also states that the motion cannot be discussed before eight days of its filing except in cases of urgency and with the consent of the prime minister or the minister in question.


Moreover, the minister may request a two-week postponement of discussion, but further postponement requires the consent of the parliament.
Al-Hajji hoped the parliament would find the discussion of interpellation topics and listening to the minister’s responses to them "sufficient."

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