Kuwaiti information minister affirms Kuwait’s effective role on media arena


The minister, in a statement to KUNA following end of the 40th session of the council of Arab League Information Ministers that started earlier today, praised statements made by his Arab counterparts, who hailed Kuwait’s efforts for promotion of inter-Arab media cooperation during the previous session.


Conferees, at this meeting, made more than 14 recommendations, he said, adding that most of the draft recommendations, that had been referred by the permanent information committee, were approved.


The recommendations address, in part, supporting Arab peace initiatives at the media level, dialogue among civilizations, promotion of civil aspects of the Arab and Islamic nations in addition to "harmonizing views" between Arab and Islamic nations on one hand and those of the West on the other.


The Arab information ministers tasked the higher committee for coordination among Arab satellite television channels to hold a session during its upcoming term to discuss performance of the Arab satellite networks, in light of a study prepared in this respect by the Egyptian Radio and Television Federation.


The council approved a request by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states to take part as observers in meetings of the council and the permanent committee for Arab media.


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