Kuwaiti MP accuses some parties of trying to hurt Salafists, ICM ties


Ameeri affirmed the Salafist Group is not involved in the conflict because Al-Huraiti is not associated with the group. He believes the minister has done a remarkable job in implementing reforms and initiating vital changes in areas highlighted in the grilling of former minister Abdullah Al-Maatouq, starting with the dismissal of Al-Basheer.

“Instigating conflicts within the Parliament and pushing for the dissolution of the legislature are not sure-fire steps toward development. The Parliament was dissolved twice in two years but we have not seen any notable changes until now. Admittedly, some incumbent MPs are stronger than their predecessors but the government still needs to understand and rectify its mistakes,” Al-Ameeri opined. Calling for a deliberation on the government’s plan in the Parliament, Al-Ameeri said MPs are keen on ensuring that national development is included in this plan. He also urged the government to solve pending issues, such as Bedouns, health, education and housing.

Commenting on the verdict of the Constitutional Court in favor of MPs Askar Owayed Al-Enezi and Saadoun Hamad Al-Otaibi, Al-Ameeri stressed “we should close this chapter of our political history since the specified period for submission of petitions against the official election results has ended.” He said Al-Enezi and Al-Otaibi will join the Parliament in the next legislative round, indicating the ruling of the Constitutional Court is final and no one has the right to oppose it.

Al-Ameeri contended HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and his government should be given enough time to execute their plans. He pointed out the government was formed only three months ago, hence, it is not right to push for a grilling against the premier due to the alleged anomalies in the fourth refinery project. “If there are doubts in the project, MPs should grill Minister for Oil, Electricity and Water Eng Mohammad Al-Olaim, not the prime minister,” Al-Ameeri argued.

In case the premier is subjected to a parliamentary inquest due to the project instead of Al-Olaim, Al-Ameeri emphasized “this only means that tribal and group ideologies are the major players in the issue.” He also wondered why the MPs, who are against the project, were absent in a parliamentary session that was held earlier to discuss the issue, adding Al-Olaim attended the session as requested by the Financial Affairs Committee.



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