Kuwaiti MPs denounce criticism against education minister


Furthermore, they said that the negative approach used against Al-Homoud could leave harmful effects on her ministry’s operation in tackling the swine flu threat. MP Naji Al-Abdulhadi asserted on the importance of MPs cooperating with the minister given the huge efforts and duties that the Ministry of Education has to deal with.

Meanwhile, MP Dr. Maasouma Al-Mubarak criticized the attacks that were directed at Al-Homoud, calling the demands for her resignation and threats to grill her as "unjustified and unfortunate." She then maintained that Al-Homoud and her fellow ministers be given a chance to work unimpeded while holding her accountable if any failure to conduct her duties was detected, Annahar reported.

Al-Mubarak further called for the "overhyping" of the swine flu virus to be stopped. She maintained that there was no need to delay the start of the school year as long as preventive measures were taken.


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