Kuwaiti MPs discuss formation of cabinet


However, the new Cabinet formation had a ‘red line’ concerning future inter-powers relations, the officials said, noting that MP Ahmed Al-Mulaifi emphasized that all options were open if the government did not attend Tuesday’s parliamentary session. "Let’s just wait and see," he said. MP Dr Faisal Al-Mislim invited HH the Prime Minister to avoid the problem by declaring his full respect for the Kuwaiti Constitution in regard to questioning any of his Cabinet members and dealing with the PM’s Diwan expenses, the fourth refinery and the Dow Chemical project issue, Al-Rai reported.


 "Why on earth did the government resign in the first place if the change will only include one or two portfolios?" asked Salafi MP Abdullatif Al-Ameeri, pointing out that he was not optimistic because the new Cabinet is almost the same as the resigning one. "Therefore, the same tension will be resumed," he added.

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