Kuwaiti MPs unpaid for three months


Some of the MPs affected have opted to receive their salaries in advance via check. MP Dr. Ali Al-Omair said that one of the reasons behind the delay is the fact that some new MPs still had not provided bank account details for their salaries to be deposited, adding that he has no additional information on the other reasons behind the holdup in wages.

Fellow parliamentarian Dr. Maasouma Al-Mubarak rejected suggestions that the delays in payment are no problem for MPs since they are all "millionaires," stating that some of the MPs awaiting their salaries are almost broke.

Another MP Naji Al-Abdulhadi, said that the General Secretariat is not efficient enough to carry out the duties it had been entrusted with, reported Al-Watan.

Al-Abdulhadi insisted that "the Secretary General cannot bear all the burden by himself without having specialist staff to help him with this responsibility.


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