Kuwaiti Parliament Speaker expresses concern over national democracy


Al-Kharafi expressed disappointment with how discussions were conducted in Parliament, adding "we do not want to lose our credibility before voters." What happened during the session will have a negative affect on Parliament, MPs and democracy, he noted.

As the nation’s representatives, MPs have to achieve what Kuwait’s people need properly utilizing the sitting’s time, abbreviate discussions and refer matters to relevant authorities, he explained.

The Parliament’s agenda, he said, has many issues that concern citizens and cannot be postponed, such matters include the readiness of Electricity and Water Ministry for the summer and the relevant minister was ready to discuss this matter today.

There were three proposals to end discussing the report, the first was forming a committee to investigate those violations, the second referring the matter to the public funds committee and finally referring the matter to the Audit Bureau, said Al-Kharafi.
It was possible to abbreviate discussion and agree on a single proposal, but the insistence of some MPs to continue deliberations led to losing a lot of time that could have been used to discuss the issue of electricity and water, he added.

Asked about the meaning of his fear for democracy, he said "It is not about views and opposite views anymore, discussions have become personal." He said the matter of calcified coal and the media city were discussed in the previous session, so he had no choice but to allow bringing them up today and he could not restrict discussion to oil tankers and foreign investments.

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