Kuwaiti PM discusses ‘formation’ of new Cabinet with lawmakers


Speaking to the Arab Times after the meeting, Islamist MP Khaled Sultan bin Essa warned “prolonging the current political situation in Kuwait will negatively affect the parliamentary proceedings in the country. We discussed our opinions and expectations with the prime minister.

We also briefed him on the outcome of our negotiations with Shareeda Al-Moesherji, Waleed Al-Jarri, Anas Al-Rashaidi, Mohammed Al-Busairi and Mishari Al-Angeri, who turned down offers to be part of the new Cabinet.”

Essa added the MPs have reiterated their willingness to support the new Cabinet provided it will lay down a clear agenda and vision for the future, abide by the constitution and laws, and improve its performance. As a representative of the Salafist Bloc, Essa attended the meeting, along with Shiite Alliance representative MP Ahmad Lari and Popular Labor Bloc representative Abdullah Al-Roumi. He explained the three blocs have not presented a joint list of nominees to the premier as each bloc had its own list of candidates.

Disclosing the Salafist Bloc has nominated Ahmed Baqer due to his excellent performance in the previous government, Essa pointed out many people believe the incoming government will last only for two months. “Several MPs have threatened to grill the next ministers due to the global financial crisis as well as the ongoing conflicts not only in Kuwait but also in the region and the whole world. Our failure to address these issues will have a negative impact on the parliamentary life in Kuwait,” he warned.

Commenting on speculations about the suspension of parliamentary life in the country, Essa said many political observers are worried about the possible suspension of parliamentary life in Kuwait if political instability resumes due to non-stop threats to grill ministers and other tension-provoking actions. Affirming the importance of maintaining parliamentary life in the country, Essa contended “this is not an issue on the continuation of the incumbent Parliament. What is more important is the maintenance of parliamentary life in Kuwait as our failure to do so might lead to drastic ramifications”. He also believes the new Cabinet will be announced soon while refuting rumors that he held negotiations for the deputy premier post, asserting this issue lies in the hands of the prime minister.

In the meantime, MP Mohammed Hayef Al-Mutairi has called for the formation of a government far from favoritism because Kuwait badly needs honest ministers with the ability to push the nation towards development. “We have given the premier enough time to appoint competent ministers, who are willing to stand on the grilling podium if the need arises. MPs have the right to question erring ministers who, in turn, should not be infuriated if the lawmakers use their constitutional tools to monitor the performance of the government,” Al-Mutairi opined.

MP Dr Jamaan Al-Harbash has refuted allegations that the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM) has decided not to participate in the new government due to its previous failures. He clarified the movement will not participate in the incoming government to convey a clear message to the public on its stand against the way the government and the prime minister have dealt with the Parliament.

“What is the use of participating in a government that might not last long? One MP can easily dissolve the government through the submission of a grilling request against the prime minister. Where is the reform work in this system? The country has plunged into one crisis to another due to the government’s failure to strictly implement the Constitution,” Al-Harbash argued.


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