Kuwaitization In Employment To Be Boosted


The minister, in a statement to journalists following a meeting of the parliamentary committee of employment and administrative reforms, said the commission asked for "certain information," adding that the Audit Bureau and the Program for Structuring the Labor Force would secure the required information.

Bukhadhour said resolving this question is based on "partnership of the responsibility" between the parliament and the government, affirming that the two authorities were in consensus on the necessity of tackling this issue.

Abdel Aziz Al-Zeben, Chairman of the Civil Service Commossion, said participants in the meeting discussed the issue of "Kuwaitizing" jobs in the public sector and the law for supporting national labor.

The head of the program, Dr. Walid Al-Whaib, said the commission asked for information about jobs to be "Kuwaitized" in the public and private sectors, adding that the commission and the cabinet will look into plans to hike the proportion of "Kuwaitization" in the employment sector.



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