Kuwait’s hotel occupation up 47 percent


The figures includes citizens, foreigners and expatriates in Kuwait who spent 138,000 nights, the Ministry Planning said in a press release here Monday.


The number of occupants of hotel apartments hit 20,000 who spent 35,000 nights.


The number of retreat occupants hit 80,000 who spent some 74,000 night, according to the release.


Kuwaiti citizens accounted for 62 percent of retreat occupants which foreign visitors constituted the majority of hotel occupants.


Twenty-seven of hotel occupants were visitors, while tourist accounted for 19 percent and occupants who came to Kuwait to attend conferences or work accounted for 11 percent.


Visitors from GCC member countries accounted for 43 percent, other Asians 19 percent, Europeans 18 percent and visitors from the United States 12 percent.


Kuwait has 30 hotels, 26 hotel apartment buildings and 10 retreats. It has a total 11,387 beds, 5,563 rooms and 1,000 suites, the statement added.


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