Legal Expert Calls For New Labour Legislation In Kuwait


 Addressing a symposium organised by the Kuwait Economic Society on "Labour Law in the Public and the Private Sectors", Dr Suad Al-Tararwa said the rapid growth of the Kuwaiti society necessitated the issuance of legislation that can protect labor against arbitrary loss of position and other risks of unemployment.



"A new law will also protect employers against unjust competition," she added referring to the immense changes on the regional and international levels that prompted the private sector to play the leading role in economy and development, replacing the public sector.



She elaborated saying the private sector would undertake the mission of fulfilling people’s needs, which meant that it would be the main player on an arena governed by the rules of demand and supply.



She also emphasized the necessity of concluding strong provisions of the proposed legislation and the moral aspect of implementation, with the later given dominance in light of the existence of "national capitalism" seeking public interests, and "greedy capitalism" which is a mode of chasing merely personal interests.



The monitoring authorities and agencies will play an essential role when it comes to enforcing legislation, also vital for success, the figure noted.


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