Media Urged To Highlight Achievements Of Muslim Women


The forum’s final communique stated that terminologies and expressions used to address women’s issues in Arab societies should be verified and checked thoroughly and free these terms from cultural attachment, activating role of Arab and Islamic organisations in preparation of documents, laws, and pacts concerned with women’s rights.

It also called for the importance of rehabilitating terminology of justice in its Islamic conception instead of other terminologies like equality which carries different cultural meaning.

The communique called upon Arab and Islamic media to highlight the bright and successful models of the enlightened Muslim woman who is sticking to her Islamic identity, and who is successful — socially, politically and economically.

The communique rejected the state of woman commercialisation by using her femininity and body for commercial purposes and rehabilitate her as being a human being with spiritual and mental potentials and should be respected by media.

The forum further called upon scholars and jurisprudents to reconsider some jurisprudence practices associated with social and historical circumstances, without changing Shariat principles.

It also requested scientific, cultural establishments and civil society establishments to organise similar seminars and meetings to study effects of renewed and increasing issues on the family status, particularly, employment of women away from her family and her increasing participation in production and involvement in the political practice.

It called upon governmental and private establishments concerned with women’s affairs to exert more efforts to increase women’s awareness about her rights in civil status law emanating from Shariat, follow-up implementation of law pertaining to woman in Islamic countries and fighting discrimination against woman in family and society.

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