Mohammed Bin Rashid meets President Bush


Upon arrival at Camp David, Sheikh Mohammed was welcomed by President Bush and walked through walked through honor guards.

The White House underscored the talks between President Bush and Sheikh Mohammed.

According to the White House, President Bush, who accorded Sheikh Mohammed a special warm welcome, underscored the promotion of relations between the USA and UAE.

Today’s talks by Sheikh Mohammed and President Bush took in issues of mutual concern and had their focus on energy, fighting terrorism and economic and trade cooperation with the UAE which is the Middle East’s most important market for US exports.

Mr. Bush expressed admiration at the progress which has been achieved by the UAE and which President Bush saw by himself during his visit to the UAE in January 2008.

Gordon Johndroe, Mr. Bush’s national security spokesman, said: "(Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid) is an important figure in the emirates and an influential figure around the world." Sheikh Mohammed is accompanied during his current US visit by Foreign Minister H.H Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Minister of State Reem Al-Hashimi and UAE Ambassador to Washington Yousef Al-Otaiba.



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