Muslim scholars’ panel seeks to solve sectarian controversy


The latest controversy between the two Muslims sects was stoked following a comment made by the prominent scholar Sheikh Yousuf Al Qaradawi. His comment was misconstrued by some critics as accusing Iran of neo-colonialism by seeking to spread Shia beliefs in Sunni Muslim states.

The IUMS will hold a session on the sidelines of the sixth annual conference of Al Quds (Jerusalem) Foundation which will be held in Doha from October 11 to 14 at the Sheraton Hotel.

The Al Quds Foundation Conference is being sponsored by the Sheikh Eid Charity. More than 450 dignitaries and officials from over 40 Arab and Islamic countries are expected to attend. The event aims to extend support to the Palestinian people worldwide and to seek ways to help their struggle against the Israeli occupation. Dr Mohammed Akram Al Adeluni, General Secretary of the Al Quds Foundation, will hold a press briefing tomorrow to provide an update on the details of the event.

The opening ceremony will be aired live on Aljazeera Mubashir satellite channel on Saturday evening. Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi will be among the dignitaries to address the opening ceremony.

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