Naif urges Arab action to save Iraq


He also told a meeting of interior ministers from countries neighboring Iraq to identify problems facing the war-torn country and adopt appropriate decisions to solve them, without interfering in its internal affairs.

“The changes and developments that are taking place in Iraq, the region and the world, call for all to double efforts and evaluate matters without bias to identify problems,” he said.

The meeting was attended by interior ministers from Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait and Jordan in addition to representatives of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Arab League.

He described terrorists as Khawarij who fought against the fourth Caliph Ali bin Abitalib. “We have to stand together with Iraq against these killers who tarnish the image of Islam. They are ignorant and are working against Islam. They are the enemies of the Arab and Islamic Ummah,” he said.

Prince Naif emphasized the need for a campaign to prevent militants from giving expression to their destructive thoughts and ideas. “We have to reach an agreement that none of us should give refuge or passage to these militants, and we should implement this agreement,” he said.

Prince Naif said Al-Qaeda terrorists were waging a war against Saudi Arabia, the land of Islam and the Two Holy Mosques. “We should protect Iraq seriously and sincerely without making our countries a passage or headquarters for those who work against Iraq and we should do this for all our countries,” the minister said.

“We are meeting here under the directives of our leaders to discuss prospects of improving the situation in Iraq and its people. This will give the Iraqis a feeling that their neighbors are concerned about their pains and problems,” the prince said.

“We are doing this not for propaganda. But we consider our efforts to assist Iraq and its people as our religious, moral and humanitarian duty,” Prince Naif told the meeting.

The minister, however, insisted that such assistance should not be used as a pretext to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs. “Iraqis should be given full freedom to determine their future. Those who allow interference in Iraq’s affairs give an excuse for others to interfere in its affairs,” the prince pointed out.

Prince Naif urged action, instead of mere talks, to solve Iraq’s problems and reinforce security and stability all over the Arab country. “Mere words will not be enough to realize hopes and aspirations. It demands sincere efforts,” he said.

He thanked Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for hosting the conference.

The meeting reiterated the unity, independence and territorial integrity of Iraq and opposed the move to divide the country.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Egypt signed two security agreements to combat drugs and exchange prisoners. Prince Naif and his Egyptian counterpart Habib Al-Aadly signed the accords here. The agreement on exchanging convicted prisoners will help nationals of both countries to spend the remaining jail term in their home countries, near their families.


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