Negotiations key to end Darfur conflict: Qatari PM


Addressing the launch of negotiations for comprehensive peace in Darfur here, the Premier said Qatar’s efforts in the framework of the Arab-African ministerial committee has been to find a comprehensive and urgent solution with the support of international community.

Qatar has been working in full coordination with the UN-AU (African Union) Joint Chief Mediator for Darfur Djbril Bassole and it is still looking for every possible means to reach a peace settlement in the conflict zone, he said

“Our vision for a peaceful settlement in Darfur is based on the principles of unity and negotiations, peace and development, in addition to good neighbourly relations between the two brotherly countries, Chad and Sudan, which have started to improve,” the premier said.

Despite the difficult conditions and the great challenges, the Sudanese people are able to achieve lasting peace. Their immense capabilities, inherited from their ancestors, will undoubtedly help create the appropriate conditions for the talks and confidence-building and set up a road map for meaningful negotiations leading to just, comprehensive and sustainable peace.


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