New law to regulate private education in UAE


The new law abolishes Federal Law No. 28 for 1999 but it provides for its executive regulations to remain in effect until the cabinet issues new executive regulations.
The law stipulates that the cabinet will be in charge of regulating private education in the UAE according to regulations to be issued by the Minister of Education. The law also stipulates that it will be put into effect and published in the official gazette as from the date of issuance. “The new law is part of the eagerness of our wise leadership to ensure that the role and goals of private education are fully in line with, and complementary to, the efforts to promote the public education system, including projects launched to optimise education,” Minister of Education Dr Hanif Hassan said in a statement. “It also highlights the role that private education is expected to play in accordance with the ministry’s vision and strategy which, in turn, is in line with the UAE government strategy announced by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai,” he said. This strategy, which was announced earlier this year, “has education as its top priority,” the minister noted, saying that it provides for the preservation of the UAE’s achievements and for the promotion of sustainable development.
“Regulating private education is also in line with the drive for decentralisation and the setting up of partnerships with governmental and private departments, in accordance with the role of the education councils,” the minister said.

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