NGOs in Bahrain warned over illegal donation campaigns





Talking to Khaleej Times, MP Jassim Al Saidi said that illegal donation campaigns could be used to support activities of groups with hidden agenda, especially those involved in inciting youth to vandalism and riots.



He said the Ministry of Social Development should keep an eye on such campaigns and take necessary legal actions against unofficial societies that collect donations.



“Some groups might take advantage of the generosity of people by collecting money along main roads and at other public places, and instead of using it for the betterment of the needy, divert it to fund subversive activities inside or outside Bahrain or put it at the disposal of some political societies,” Al Saidi warned.



“Almost all Bahrainis are keen to support the poor so their financial assistance should go directly to those who need them and not to some suspicious source,” he said.



The government has taken notice of Al Saidi’s warning and NGOs have been directed to register with the ministry before launching any donation campaign during Ramadan.



At a meeting on Tuesday, government officials briefed charitable organisations about rules and regulations regarding accepting and distributing money from inside and outside Bahrain.


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