No restrictions on Saudi female lawyers to defend their clients in courts of law



"There is no discrimination between men and women lawyers in defending their clients in courts of law. Pleading cases in courts of law is open to all," Abdul Rahman Al-Houtan, Director General of Advocacy was quoted as saying by Al-Madina Arabic daily.
He added, "So far no decision has been taken defining the work of women in advocacy. It is still under study. It is expected that the study to consider all obstacles and deficiencies and find solutions for them."

About female Saudi lawyers working in neighboring countries and when they would be allowed to work within this country, he stressed the important role played by women in the society in their capacities as half of the society hoping that the new study would yield positive results. He clarified that the decision of allowing Saudi female lawyers to plead in courts is not only limited to the ministry, pointing out that other ministries are involved in the decision.

As for Saudi women given lawyers’ licenses and whether they would be allowed to represent their clients in courts, he once again confirmed that there are no restrictions since there is no discrimination in gender as is defined in Article 47 of the Advocacy law.


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