Oman Focuses On Health Plan Priorities


He highlighted the salient features of the health development programme of the current five-year plan (2006-2010), saying that it takes into consideration the priorities of the Sultanate’s general health policies, particularly specific policies on developing the health system and minimising risk factors that threaten human health. Some of the goals of the current five-year plan include an increase in Omani resources development through the training of specialists in every field and the continuation of the ongoing education programme.


Despite the fact the recent increase in the rates of human resources, the health sector in the Sultanate is experiencing an rising demand due to a rapid population growth and almost total dependence on government health establishments to meet the citizens’ needs for health services, said Dr Moosa. The minister pointed out that 90 per cent of the hospital in the Sultanate are government-owned and that 95 per cent of hospital beds are operating free of charge.


Another challenge is the distribution of populated areas in vast expanses of difficult terrain like wadis, mountains and deserts. In an opening speech, Al Qatabi said that the Majlis is pushing ahead with its efforts to serve the country as best as it can by representing the citizens’ opinion and submitting their demands to the government in a balanced way, bearing in mind available means within the approved development plans. Al Qatabi pointed out that the Majlis hosts ministers and other government officials as a means of following up these plans and programmes and identifying performance levels and services being rendered to the citizens.


Referring to the Majlis’s hosting the health minister to deliver a statement on the priorities of the Sultanate’s general health policies during the Seventh Five Year Plan, Al Qatabi said that practice has enriched the Sultanate’s experience and the country’s modernisation policies, thanks to the support of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. Al Qatabi expressed pride over the progress Oman made in health services which, he noted, has earned the country the praise and appreciation of specialised international organisations.


Dr Moosa also touched on Omanisation, education and training policies for national cadres in the health field, challenges and difficulties facing health sector in the Sultanate. The minister answered questions raised by the Majlis members during the session. Deliberations between the minister and members will be completed today.

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