Oman’s regional, international relations based on solid grounds


His Majesty the Sultan greeted the Omani government and people, as well as the Islamic nation, on the advent of the holy month of Ramadhan. He wished all divine assistance and blessing of their fasting and prayers.
His Majesty the Sultan reviewed current domestic, regional and international developments. On the domestic front His Majesty the Sultan reviewed the Sultanate’s educational policies and relations between human resources and available job opportunities. His Majesty the Sultan directed the government to evaluate these policies and set prospective aims according to a clear and comprehensive vision. On regional and international fronts, His Majesty the Sultan spoke about his visits to Arab and European countries and his meetings with leaders and senior officials in these countries.
His Majesty the Sultan commended the positive outcome of these visits and valued the attention and appreciation received. His Majesty the Sultan pointed out that the Sultanate’s relations with all countries of the world are based on solid grounds of co-operation and mutual respect. During the meeting, His Majesty the Sultan also spoke about issues of interest for the Sultanate and its citizens. He gave his Royal directives to members of the Council of Ministers, wishing all good luck and success in achieving the goals of the country’s comprehensive development.

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