Panel Discussion On Development And Security In Kuwait And The Gulf


The present scenario in the Gulf region represents an intricate threat to the world’s peace and stability. Bearing in mind the relevant historical background, this panel is focusing on the various challenges that

currently dominate the region’s development and security agenda. What has changed in Iraqi-Kuwait relations following the two Gulf Wars? How will interests and choices of external actors impact on future regional stability? How important are the signs of increased democratisation in Kuwait for the whole Middle East? 


 Dr. Richard Schofield is Lecturer in Boundary Studies in the Department of Geography at King’s College, London, where he convenes the Master’s Programme in Geopolitics, Territory abd Security.  He is author of Kuwait and Iraq: Historical Claims and Territorial Disputes and is currently finishing a book (with James Denselow) for Hurst and Co./Columbia University Press, entitled New Iraq, Old Neighbours.


 Dr. George JOFFE holds a visiting professorship in the Department of Geography at Kings College, London University, and is also an affiliate lecturer at the Centre of International Studies at Cambridge University. He also holds a visiting research fellowship at the Centre of Islamic Studies in the University of Oxford. He is the founder and co-editor of the Journal of North African Studies, the former deputy-director of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and a senior adviser to the EuroMeSCo network of

foreign policy and security institutes in Europe and the Mediterranean which is financed by the European Union.


 Dr. Glen Rangwala is a lecturer at the Department of Politics, Cambridge University. His main research interests are in the contemporary politics of the Middle East, particularly the Levant and the northern Gulf, where he has undertaken substantial fieldwork from the late 1990s onwards. Glen Rangwala’s latest co-authored book, Iraq in Fragments: the Occupation.

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