Parliament’s pressure urged on UAE islands issue


Al Faqee told Emirates News Agency (WAM) that the parliaments of all Arab countries should exert some kind of pressure on Tehran on the issue.

He said that he will present this idea to the Speaker of the Arab Parliament Mohammed Jassem Al Sagar for tabling the subject in the next parliamentary session.

The Arab Parliament, set up by an agreement by member countries in the Arab League earlier in 2001, consists of 44 MPs representing 22 countries.

”UAE should never abandon its right to the three islands. At the same time, standing by the political intelligence and the well-known wisdom of UAE, it is not desirable too that UAE rushes the issue into the arena of US-Iran confrontation over the Iranian nuclear programme”; opined Al Faqee.

He also said that the islands issue should constitute a separate article in the direct relations between UAE and Iran.

Answering a question whether there is any practical methodology other than mentioning the issue at the international forums, Al Faqee stressed the need for raising the issue, but without making it mesh with the US-Iran faceoff.

"We don’t share the same trench with America against Iran in the issue of islands, as Iran is a neighbouring Muslim country"; the Deputy Speaker of Arab Parliament said.

However, he expressed hope that "Iran will behave differently with Arab countries despite of its agenda, which is not unknown to anyone".



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