Public utility groups speak up against women’s law in Kuwait


The organizations, which attended a rally at the headquarters of the Women’s Social and Cultural Association were joined there by some members of the National Assembly and representatives of other public utility groups supporting women’s constitutional rights.



The head of the Women’s Social and Cultural Association Sheikha Al-Nisf addressed the audience saying that the law amounted to an attempt to undermine what Kuwaiti women and the Kuwaiti society in general had achieved in the country’s recent history, including the legislation paving the way for women to stand for public office and vote at public polls.



"The new law restricts women’s activity," Al-Nisf said and called on the organizations present at the rally to take action against the new law, which "restricts women’s freedom of work." Meanwhile, MP Ali Al-Rashid said the vote in favor of the law came "without sufficient debate of the draft law." According to the new law, women are barred from being employed in dangerous and arduous jobs and are compelled not to work between the hours of 20:00 pm and 7:00 a.m.



The law also bans women from holding jobs where they provide services to men only.

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