Qaboos policies stand Oman in good stead: Al Maamari


The speeches and press interviews of His Majesty the Sultan have always called for peace and reflect His Majesty’s hope that the whole world would enjoy security and welfare. The UK-based Economic Intelligence Unit’s report ranking the Sultanate as the first Arab, third Asian and 22nd globally in peace and security is deserving and comes as an international recognition for the Sultanate, he added. “The achievement is the outcome of hard work by the state’s different departments of His Majesty the Sultan’s government since the dawn of the blessed Renaissance in 1970. "The efforts are still continuing, by the grace of God.

The Sultanate has nothing to hide from citizens or from the world as it tackles all issues with transparency and discusses them with different international organisations. "The international recognition to the Sultanate in these fields came as a result of these policies." Al Maamari also pointed out that the statistics on crimes issued by the Royal Oman Police reflect all types of crimes accurately — a trend recognised by the Interpol and other international organisations.

Al Mamaari prayed to the Almighty to safeguard His Majesty the Sultan, grant him health, happiness, long life, make Oman an oasis of peace and security and make all those living on this land enjoy peace and stability. The assessment made by the Economic Intelligence Unit relies on a number of criteria. A country that gets the first position on this scale is considered the most peaceful. The major criteria include internal organised conflicts, potential violent demonstrations, level of violent crimes, lack of political instability, respect for human rights and the size of importing heavy traditional weapons.

The criteria also include the possibility of terrorist attacks, the number of mortalities due to organised internal conflicts, military expenditure as a percentage of the GDP, the number of armed forces personnel per 100,000 persons and the contribution to UN forces in 2006/2007. The criteria also include the election process, the performance of the government, political participation, political awareness, democracy, transparency, political democracy, besides others.


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