Qatar pays PA final $ 22m aid instalment


Fayyad said Qatar paid the amount to the Arab League and the money was paid through normal banking channels. The minister also praised Qatar’s stance because Qatar was one of three Arab countries which fulfilled their obligations towards the Palestinian people in accordance with the decisions taken at Arab summit in Beirut in 2002. Fayyaz said that Qatar has given additional assistance to the Palestinian Authority, besides the $ 66m aid paid in three instalments as promised.

Fayyad, who held discussions with Qatari officials, said that his tour was aimed at urging Arab countries to provide additional financial support to the cause of the Palestinian people. He thanked the Qatari people for their assistance and concerns to the Palestinian people.

Commenting on the American Consul Jack Wallace’s announcement in Jerusalem about the American approval of transferring aid money to the PLO, Fayyad said his recent visit to Washington had resulted in overcoming some restrictions in this regard. The move, he hoped, would allow the Palestinian Ministry of Finance to provide audited and periodical monthly reports to ensure more transparency. He denied reports that there was a US demand to monitor the process of spending funds.

Fayyad said Israel still holds Palestinian funds and imposes bank restrictions besides preventing the free flow of Palestinian goods. He said the situation now was better than before. However, Fayyad said that the delay caused in paying salaries of Palestinian civil servants totalled $ 643m until 2006, whereas Israel was holding about $ 600m. As a result, the Palestinian deficit reached a record of 60 per cent, about $ 100m monthly, amounting to about $ 1.2bn until 2006. He warned that the constant hindrance of Palestinian aid by Israel was the cause of deep financial crises and hard situations in the Palestinian territories.

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