Qatar renews invitation for Bashir to attend Doha summit


"The State of Qatar has resisted mounting pressures (to scrap the invitation) since the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for President Bashir," Al-Thani told reporters after his meeting with the president.


"You know the stance of Qatar very well," he said, adding: "We have invited President Bashir and I’m here to confirm the invitation in my capacity as Premier and Foreign Minister of Qatar." Reasserting respect for the international laws, Al-Thani noted that his country was not a state party of the Rome Statute on the establishment of the ICC.
"If they (apparently referring to the Western countries) talk about (charges of) war crimes (against Al-Bashir), they to look back at what happened in Gaza Strip," he said.
"We are for justice and respect the international legitimacy; but we oppose use of double standards in international issues and any attempts to politicize justice," he underscored.


"Qatar will do its utmost to guarantee the safe participation of President Bashir along with his fellow Arab leaders, but President Bashir and the Sudanese government have the final say on his participation," he made clear.


Meanwhile, he called on the Arab countries to back Qatar’s mediation efforts aiming to settle the conflict in Darfur, west Sudan.


"The Darfur conflict, as well as the numerous Arab disputes, requires concerted efforts by all sides to reach practical solutions. We hope the Arab leaders will be able to form a common stance on all controversial issues," Al-Thani added.


He hailed the progress made towards normalization of Sudanese-Chadian ties following the visits by Qatari Amir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani to Sudan, Chad and Libya.


Leaders of the three countries are scheduled to meet in Tripoli, Libya, after the Arab summit, he said, voicing gratitude to Libyan Leader Muammar Al-Qadhafi for his good offices in this regard.


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