Qatar’s Ministry of Interior warns visa traders of stern action


The issue was discussed in detail at a high-level meeting organised by the National Office at its premises on Tuesday. The meeting chaired by Mariam Ibrahim Al Malki, national coordinator of the National Office was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Public Security, Immigration department, Search and Follow up department, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Labour Department, National Human Rights Committee and the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The meeting observed that the activities of companies and recruiting agents bringing foreign workers to Qatar on fake contracts and failing to offer them jobs have raised serious humanitarian concerns and posed a major threat to social security. Such incidents have also increased the possibility of trafficking in humans, since these hapless workers are more vulnerable to the practice. It was pointed out that many of these companies and agents have been functioning illegally, under fake names and licenses.

After discussing the various aspects of the issue, the meeting called for measures to identify companies and agents involving in illegal recruitments and follow up on the performance of all the recruiting agents in the country. It also recommended to follow up on the companies selling and buying visas and subjecting workers to exploitation.

The meeting sought a mechanism for proper coordination between the courts and the Labour Department to settle cases involving expatriate workers. It was also proposed to conduct a study on the possibility of establishing special labour courts to handle such cases with out delay.

The participants stressed the importance of verifying job contracts, especially the terms related to salaries, health care and other allowances to prevent cheating. Once a company is blacklisted for illegal practices, it is necessary to ensure that the same company will not continue functioning under other names.

Coming to the dangerous impact of the practice on the society, the meeting observed that it has forced many workers to flee their sponsors and rendered them jobless. The presence of an increasing number of jobless workers has posed serious threats to social security.

After fleeing their sponsors, such workers have been forced to work under other employers in very difficult circumstances and without any valid job contracts. Many of these workers have been prompted to crimes and illegal activities.

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