Qatar’s NHRC laments rise in complaints to ignorance of labour law




Speaking to Al Sharq, Al Hinatm said yesterday, most of the complaints that NHRC receive in relation to labour disputes are of long-pending salaries and transferring of sponsorships.

Regarding the salary dues, Al Hinatm said, the administrative officials are directly responsible for it. "In most of the cases, it was found, that the officials were deliberately delaying the payment. And sponsors are unaware of this until the employee approaches a judicial body,’’ he said.

The NHRC have detected several cases in which the administrative officials pay a lesser salary against what the employer had guaranteed the worker in the contract. In most of these cases, the sponsors are not aware of this exploitation, he said. In the case of salary dues, Al Hinatm said, the workers should immediately contact the authorities, instead of waiting to accumulate the dues. On the disputes over the sponsorship transfers, Al Hinatm said, most of the cases are being settled amicably, avoiding a legal battle.

Al Hinatm said all the concerned agencies, including Labour Department, Criminal Evidence Information Department (CEID), Ministry of Interior and the employers are co-operating with NHRC.




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