Saudi Arabia declares war against all


Saudi Arabia threatens the United States to take measures to protect its 750-billion-dollar investment in the American economy, should the US hold Saudi officials responsible for 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Saudi Arabia’s actions look like blackmail, President of the Institute for the Middle East, Yevgeny Satanovsky believes.

“This is not about the protection of investments. In fact, the Saudis are blackmailing the Americans by threatening to sell their assets in the United States. This is a significant amount of $750 billion. Such a move would undoubtedly cut the price of US corporate and government securities – they will be unloaded on the market immediately,” the expert told Pravda.Ru.

At the same time, the Americans are very good at protecting their economy, Mr. Satanovsky noted. “This could come as an unpleasant surprise for Saudi Arabia,” he added.

The cherry on the top is the fact that the law about 9/11 terrorist attacks will expose the information that is no secret in the military and political communities of the US. The exposed data will hold the Saudi administration, including the foreign intelligence service of the country, accountable for September 11 attacks, for creating al-Qaeda terrorist network and many other things, for which the Americans have been fighting for 35 years at the expense of thousands of lives.

“The publication of the secret documents may cost Saudi Arabia a lot. In this case, it will become clear that the military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq were wasted,” Satanovsky said. “The relationship between the USA and Saudi Arabia may explode, thus destroying “the strategic alliance that appeared as a result of the agreement signed in 1944,” the expert added.

“No Cold War has caused the Americans greater damage than their relationship with friend and ally Saudi Arabia – that’s a fact. The American establishment is largely lobbied. The Saudis have been maintaining them financially for decades,” Yevgeny Satanovskiy said in an interview with Pravda.Ru.

Saudis are pawns in the hands of Americans

Saudi Arabia’s sharp gestures may look like an independent policy of the kingdom “against all.” However, a closer examination reveals that the Saudis are pawns in the hands of the American elite in the struggle for presidency. This is evidenced by the cold welcome that US President Obama received during his visit to the country, as well as by the failure to sign the agreement to freeze oil production between Russia and Saudi Arabia, Shamil Sultanov, President of the Center for Strategic Studies “Russia-Islamic World” told Pravda.Ru.

Moscow and Riyadh agreed to freeze oil prices in February of the current year. Muhammed bin Salman, the son of the king of Saudi Arabia, was in charge of the talks with Russia. Until recently, Salman stuck to the policy of cooperation with Russia. However, at three o’clock in the morning of April 17, on the eve of the meeting in Doha, Muhammed bin Salman decided to revise all the previously achieved agreements.

“Why did he call at 3 a.m.? I think that Muhammed bin Salman had received a call from Washington first. This could be done by those who remain opposed to Russia’s development on the international arena, because the talks in Doha could have opened many opportunities for Russia,” Shamil Sultanov told Pravda.Ru.

As for the sensational report about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, its content is not a sensation for American politicians at all. Shamil Sultanov believes that the 9/11 attacks had been arranged by the people in the core of the US political system – the military and the intelligence community in cooperation with the Saudis. Yet, the US may unveil only 28 pages of the entire report, thus casting only a shadow on Saudi companies and their cooperation with terrorists.

The story with the publication of the 9/11 report is part of the per-election struggle, in which the Saudis are used to defeat the Republican candidate and make Hillary Clinton president.

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