Saudi cabinet expresses support to unity of Iraq


Chairing the weekly Council of Ministers session, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz briefed the council on his talks, consultations and contacts he made in the past few days with a number of state leaders and officials which touched on bilateral relations, Arab, Islamic and international issues.


Following the council session, Iyad Madani, Minister of Culture and Information said King Abdullah underlined the visit made by King Abdullah of Jordan to the Kingdom which signifies the strength of the bilateral relations between the two countries, their common stance and their support to the Arab and Islamic issues.


He said the council has emphasized that the Kingdom maintains the same distance from all the Lebanese parties and calls upon all the Lebanese people to work together hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder to preserve the unity of Lebanon. It also urged them to refrain from the supremacy of foreign powers who are trying to turn Lebanon to a chain in the series of regional influence which contradicts the fundamental concepts of the national option and Islamic unity.


Madani added that the council renewed its call to the Palestinian leaders to find their way towards a government of national unity which finds its roots in the pacts and agreements they have signed for it is the only way to deal with the Israeli stubbornness and arrogance as well as the international alliance supporting it.


Apart from this, the council reviewed the developments in Somalia and Horn of Africa and appealed to the region’s countries not to take Somalia as an arena for conflict among them.
It also called upon the Somali people and their leaders to work together to reach a formula of national unity to end the continued violence on its land so as to foil any attempt to turn Somalia into an area of influence for any foreign powers in the area.
Following this, the cabinet reviewed a number of domestic issues in its agenda and took appropriate decisions regarding them. It also approved appointments on Grade 14 and 15.

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