Saudis Urge Iran To Hand Over Suspects


"We have a list and a formal demand, and we always reiterate to our Iranian brothers that they have to hand over any Saudi or anybody who is targeting the kingdom," he added.

Iran has extradited a number of Saudi suspects to the kingdom since the September 11, 2001 attacks. Some of the suspects have been released after being cleared.

Contesting views

Prince Nayef’s call to Iran came even as he urged clerics to help eradicate the "virus" of radical Islam which he said had survived a tough crackdown in Saudi Arabia.

"The straying groups are still working and are unfortunately plotting [attacks]."

Clerics need to show greater resolve in contesting the views of radicals in the kingdom and abroad who have issued edicts that likened attacks on the Saudi government and foreigners to jihad, Prince Nayef said.

"The security apparatus is like a surgeon, it amputates the tumour but the virus that must be eliminated in the body of the youths is still there and that is what really needs to be eradicated," he said.

"Everybody needs to understand that these groups that went astray cannot be eliminated without cooperation from everybody," Prince Nayef said. He said some Saudis continued to provide cover for wanted militants, citing the example of wanted militant Walid Bin Mutliq Al Raddadi, who was killed on Friday.

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