Shura to discuss social security issues for Bahraini govt employees


However, no credible source would confirm if the Chamber would also seek to discuss the Wefaq crisis that arose last week with the council.

According to sources from the Shura Council public-relations department, the Speaker of the chamber would be discussing their position about public companies offering social security. Deliberations would seek to create a single company to deal with social security for government employees as well as security and army officers. A motion is also to be made on issuing health insurance to expats.

The motion will be tabled by Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Jumasheer, Saeed Habib Makki Hasheem, Mohammed Haddi Ahmad Kharouji, Alice Thomas Samaan and Khaleed Abdul Rasul Al Sharif. There will also be another discussion on establishing a body to handle the project of the Bahrain-Qatar causeway by November 22.

A meeting of the finance and economic committee took place yesterday on the matter before it goes to the Shura Council. The session was headed by the committee chairman and council member Khaleed Hussein Al Maskati.

The council will also deliberate on the safety and registration of small boats in the country. Meanwhile, the legal affairs and legislation committee convened yesterday to discuss the retabling of the media freedom bill today.

The meeting was headed by committee chairman Mohammed Hadi Al Halwachi and discussed the best way to retrieve the motion in the council and gain passage. Last week some council members tried to table the motion but the Speaker postponed deliberations.

The chairman insists that the freedom of media is one of the cornerstones for a democratic society and that a fast-evolving democratic Bahrain should as well have free media. The focus is on local journalists’ rights with the motion seeking to redress clauses 147, 148, 158 and 180 of article 46 of 2002 which criminalises journalists.

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