Sultan Qaboos reshuffles Oman cabinet



Decrees issued by the ruler of the sultanate created a Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, which will be headed by Hmoud ibn Faisal Al-Busaidi, and a Fisheries Ministry headed by Sheikh Mohammad ibn Ali Al-Qatbi, ONA said.




Al-Qatbi was hitherto governor of Dhofar province and minister of state without portfolio. Qaboos also set up an electricity and water authority.



He named Sheikh Ahmad ibn Mohammad Al-Issai as new president of the Majlis ash-Shoura or Consultative Council, just weeks before elections to the 83-member advisory body slated for Oct. 27. Issai replaces Sheikh Abdullah ibn Ali Al-Qatbi, who becomes a state adviser, ONA said.



Yussef ibn Alawi ibn Abdullah is the minister responsible for foreign affairs and Saud ibn Ibrahim Al-Busaidi is the interior minister. There are three women ministers in the Cabinet. Ms. Rawya bint Saud Al-Busaidi holds the Higher Education portfolio, Ms. Rajiha bint Abdul Amir ibn Ali is the tourism minister and Ms. Sherifa bint Khalfan ibn Nasser Al-Yahiyaia is the social development minister.


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