Support for peace move: Palestinian official


“It was fully based on the recommendations of the Arab summits, basically the Riyadh summit, which re-emphasised the Arab peace initiative,” Nabil Amr said.

He also said that the meeting was in line with the task of the 12-member Arab League committee, of which Bahrain was a member that stemmed from the Riyadh summit to follow-up on the Arab initiative and lead contacts with all sides concerned with the initiative to clarify the Arab stance.

Amr was commenting on the meeting between the Bahraini and Israeli foreign ministers in response to the directives of abbas. “This meeting came in coordination with President Abbas and within the framework of the Bahraini-Palestinian diplomatic cooperation, based on the Arab peace initiative and earnest arrangements for the forthcoming conference in Washington.”

Amr affirmed full support and welcomed the meeting “as it was fully centred around the Palestinian rights, the need for Israel to withdraw from all the Palestinian and Arab territories occupied in 1967 in order for a comprehensive and just peace in the region to materialise.”


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