Teachers in Bahrain to demonstrate for pay rise


Society members and teachers met last week to discuss preparations for their third protest.

Thousands of teachers demonstrated twice in front of the ministry in June and in early September to demand an increase in salary.

A ten-day campaign was also held, where teachers wore black armbands as a show of support.

"Despite all we have done, none of our demands have been met except for the general increase of 15pc under the directives of the King," said society president Mahdi Abu Deeb.

"Although none of our efforts in establishing dialogue with governmental and non-governmental organisations concerned and the Education Ministry have been successful so far, we will continue to strive for our rights.

"We are expecting thousands of teachers to participate in the protest and the invitation is open to all who support us."

MPs last month pledged to review the teachers’ demands for a bigger pay rise, along with improved living conditions.


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