The Darfur Crisis: the problem, the actors and the exit


Dr Gebreil Fediel *
 6.30 pm, Tuesday 24th July 2007
Refreshments available from 6.00 pm, dinner 8.00 pm
Dr Gebreil Ibrahim Mohamed Fediel is a founder member of the Justice & Equality Movement in Darfur. He received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration at the University of Khartoum and his PhD in Economics from the Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan. Between 1983 and1992 he took teaching posts in Japan and Saudi Arabia. In the period 1992-2005, his career developed in the field of airlines industry taking senior executive and consultative posts in Dubai and Sudan. His work within the political movement involved him in direct negotiations on the Darfur crisis in Chad, Germany, UK, Congo and Kenya, as well as with the Government in Sudan.

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