The Gulf Cultural Club


Wednesday 28th February 2007
Refreshments available from 6.00 pm, dinner 8.00 pm

* Dr. Irfan Ahmed Al Alawi is a lecturer of Islamic Theology and Tasawwuf (Islamic Spirituality) at the University of London and a Barrister at Law. He is a student of the famous Imam Sayyid Habib Ahmad Mashhur Al Haddad Al Alawi whom he has  known for the past 25 years. Dr. Irfan studied and later taught Islam and other relevant disciplines at the traditional schools and learning circles at the hands of many leading sheikhs across the Muslim world, particularly the senior Habaib of Hadhramaut, in Africa Mecca/Medina. He is member of several leading professional Islamic governing bodies and a co-Chairman of the Islamic Heritage and Research Foundation. As well as being a writer for many Islamic journals across the world, he has translated many works in Arabic, English and Swahili. He writes for leading British Newspapers such as The Independent, The Observer and leading journals such as The Spectator and The Weekly Standard.


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