UAE a safe country, says UN security expert


The expert, Massimiliano Montanari, Programme Coordinator of Counter-Terrorisim Laboratory at the United Nations Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), said this while speaking to Khaleej Times during the three-day International Symposium on: ‘Security Measures and Technology Solutions for Major Events and Expanding Cities’, in the capital.

“The security here in the UAE is soft as the concerned authorities can control the security without using armed units, but you can feel safe without seeing an officer,” the UN secuirty expert pointed out.

“We need to create cooperation among the public and private sectors and the masses to spread the security culture among the people,” said Montanari.

He urged creating a common language as a basis for solid communication in order to share and utilise the different areas of expertise.

“The cooperation should be among the governments and private sectors as a step towards improving security,” said Montanari. About the future plans, he said the UNICRI plans to work on spreading the security culture among the masses in the Middle East.

About the aims of organising the symposium, he said, “We aim to identify the existing gaps regarding the protection of major events and propose possible solutions to fill these; to improve mutual understanding between end-users and technology providers, taking into account the human factors and economic implications.”




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