UAE accepts unified GCC trademark legislation


Mohammed Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, UAE Ministry of Economy Undersecretary — planning sector, said that the technical committee of the GCC Council drafted the law embracing GCC States’ commitments to international treaties.

"During the 27th session of the Supreme Council of the GCC States held in Riyadh in 2006, the law was approved as an obligatory legislation for adoption by all GCC States six months after the executive charter of this law is issued," said Bin Abdulaziz.

He added: "The law, comprised of six sections, defines the process of protection and registration of trade marks."

The unified GCC States’ Trade Marks Law defines words and phrases relating to trade marks, the meaning of a trade mark, the conditions and procedures to register a trade mark, the authorization to use a trade mark, trade marks of the bodies and entities, the penalties for violation of a trade mark and the role of the GCC States’ Commercial Cooperation Committee in issuing the executive charter of the law and its right of further explanations and modifications.


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