UAE committed to women’s upliftment


Addressing the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Dubai, Rotarians, the minister said, “Women must be prepared to join the highest levels of education and business and serve in the highest capacity in the private and public sector. In higher education, our country has a very strong record of gender equality. Like many developed countries, the attendance rate of females in our colleges and universities is higher than that of males.”



Elaborating on how the country has developed its capacity in the past three years, he emphasised that the UAE viewed higher education as an essential tool of nation-building and to prepare future leaders.



Shaikh Nahyan also pointed out that it was imperative for students to have knowledge of both Arabic and English and they should be prepared to use latest technology and work in the private and public sector.



He also called on all families, colleges, government agencies, business establishments and other segments of society to develop the nation further. “We ask business, government agencies and educational institutions to prevent encrusted bureaucracy and special interests from frustrating individual initiative or closing the opportunity for the lone individual or the small group to advance and develop,” he said.



Shaikh Nahyan dubbed the present Rotarians as ‘community leaders’ who need to “develop our next generation as leaders for tomorrow.”


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