UAE’ H1N1 committee reviews response plans  


 Dr Ali bin Shaker, Chairman of the Committee, said that his team was implementing instructions given by the country’s leadership and those issued by Dr Hanif Hassam, Health Minister and Chairman of the National Supervisory Committee for Combating H1N1 for taking precautionary measures required to ensure blanket prevention of the virus transmission among members of the community. “The Ministry of Health (MoH) is joining forces with health authorities and other stakeholders in the country to activate and enforce all measures and arrangements for containing the spread of the virus to the maximum limited scope,” said Dr Ali, who is also Director General of the Ministry of Health. The meeting, he said, was held in line with recommendations issued by the council of GCC health ministers during a recent meeting in Kuwait. “The healthcare facilities and hospitals across the country are now having a crystal clear concept on how to handle cases infected with the virus, how to isolate these cases, administer adequate medicines and identify the magnitude of danger of infection,” he said

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