UAE ministers of health and education to address nation on H1N1


For this purpose, the Minister of Health H.E Dr Hanif Hassan and Minister of Education H.E Humaid Al Qattami will appear next Friday through local broadcasters.

They will update the masses on efforts being made by the government to ensure the highest standards of health safety and protection for all in the country against virus.

The open day will be organised by the Higher Supervisory Committee for Combating the H1N1 virus in association with the National Media Council. The educational open day will be broadcast live by the TV stations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and local radio stations at 2:00 pm on October 2.

The Minister of Health will speak about progress of preventive and curative measures his ministry is taking to keep the virus at bay within the context of the leadership’s firm keenness to implement all necessary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus and provide all requirements needed by the ministry to render its plans for fighting the virus at land, sea and air outlets and protecting population a success.

For his part, the minister of education will talk about details of an awareness and educational plan in schools in coordination within the ministry of health in order to build their capacities to combat the virus.

The Higher Supervisory Committee for Combating the H1N1 virus is joining forces with the National Media Council and other stakeholders to deliver the accurate, reliable information to the media organs with transparency so they can address the public opinion directly on the H1N1 virus which doesn’t appear as a worrying phenomenon despite the number of reported cases.

Since the beginning of the new academic year, awareness plans in schools and universities have been in place to manage the virus as a treatable and preventable disease.

The Friday program will also shed light on the functions and roles of the committee in regard to the executive plan for public and private schools.

The Executive plan to handle the situation during the Haj and Umrah seasons will also be touched.


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