UAE ministry may study holiday effects on H1N1 spread


It also comes as changes in the weather mark the beginning of the flu season with doctors reporting more viralfever cases.

The ministry had last week sent text messages advising people to avoid greeting other by kissing and nose-touching and to stay away from crowded places as precautionary measures against H1N1.

Dubai Municipality had also urged the public to take preventive measures in public places during theEid holidays.

However, the Eid festivities in the UAE were in full swing with hundreds of people visiting parks, beaches, amusement centres and malls.

A member of the Technical Health Committee for Combating A(H1N1) on Tuesday told Khaleej Times that a review of case notification would be made in the coming days to analyse if Eid crowding had any impact on the number of infections here.

“We had already advised people to take precautionary measures,” the official said, asking not to be named as he was not an authorised spokesperson.

“Public awareness has generally reached a good level. But, we don’t know yet if there is an increase in the spread of the virus due tothe celebrations.”

“It is too early to analyse it,” the official said. “It will take a couple of days for patients to show symptoms. So, we cannot at the moment say if there is any spread due to crowding or if it (crowding) was a really contributing factor.”

“We will analyse the pattern of notified cases in the next few days and see if there is any special change in the pattern.” He said the analysis would help in cautioning people about the need for taking better preventive measures.

“We have addressed the different sectors of the community. We hope they will abide by our instructions to contain the spread of A(H1N1).”


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