UAE ministry mulls charges to private schools


The ministry’s services to the schools include national tests, international studies that assess the performance standard of students as well as training of teachers on evaluation and examination systems. The ministry does not charge any fees for these services now.

Shaikha Al Shamsi, director of Academic Accreditation Department, submitted the proposal recently to Ali Mayhad Al Suweidi, director-general of the ministry, seeking his approval.

Al Suweidi said he forwarded the proposal to the Evaluation and Examinations and Financial Resources Department to take action.

“The proposal which is likely to be implemented includes levying Dh500 every year for training of teachers in evaluation and examination systems, and Dh2,000 each against participation in national tests as well as international studies,” Al Suweidi said.

The proposed charges for private schools that follow foreign curriculums include Dh500 every year against training of teachers in evaluation and examination systems in Arabic and Islamic Studies, plus Dh500 every year against participation in national tests in Arabic, and Dh2,000 for participation in international studies.

The fees will be allocated as aid to the projects and for covering the training costs, as part of its tireless efforts and keen interest in laying down strategic plans and initiatives which are designed to achieve its objectives, he said.

The ministry treats all schools equally and gives the same attention to both government and private schools which have a large number of students of all nationalities. In areas of tests and international studies, which gauge the performance standards of students, the ministry does not differentiate between government and private schools, Al Suweidi added.


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